Russia at Paris: a Preview

In 2011 Russia was the fifth largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world, and will probably be in the top five for 2015. So any contribution by Russia to further reducing world levels of GHG could positively influence the Paris negotiations for an agreement to succeed the Kyoto Protocol.  Unfortunately, this will not happen. … Read more

When it isn’t leadership!

Time and again the Canadian Government has asserted it plays a leadership role in international climate change negotiations.  A blatantly inaccurate claim – unless winning the Fossil of the Year Award is “leadership”. At last year’s COP 20 Conference in Lima Canada Canada’s Minister of the Environment continued to make specious statements about Canada’s leadership. … Read more

Why no” fossil of the year” recognition for Canada at Lima

COP 20 Lima was the end of a long winning record.  Canada had been awarded the “Fossil of the Year” at five consecutive COP meetings.   At the Warsaw COP Canada received “Lifetime Unachievement Fossil Award.” At Lima Canada was shut out!! Why did this happen?   It wasn’t for lack of trying by our Government.  Just … Read more

Lima COP 20: Conclusion

A much earlier 4RG blog raised the question that Canadians should be asking themselves:  is my country honest? When our Government representatives speak at the Conference of the Parties are they being candid?  Or do they evade issues, knowing that what they should say is inconsistent with the image they wish to present? Our Minister of … Read more

Canada’s Climate Policy: a Disappearing Act! 

Our first Lima blog suggested that there could be progress at the COP20 Conference.  Our optimism was encouraged by the statement that Canada would contribute $265 million (US) to the Green Climate Fund.   This positive sign has been off-set by recent negative changes in our climate policy. Previously the Canadian policy, repeated at every COP … Read more

The first week at Lima.

From here it appears that COP 20 at Lima has been so far more nuts and bolts than high level pronouncements.  That may change this coming week as country delegates tackle two significant issues:  what information countries must provide to support their further pledges for lower emission targets for the period 2020-2025, and formulation of … Read more

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