How to Invest in a Time of Climate Chaos.

About 70 people gathered in Peterborough’s Trinity United Church Hall Thursday evening to hear investment coach Tim Nash discuss socially responsible investment, in an event organized by For Our Grandchildren. The evening started with a short talk on climate-change science and local effects by Ginny Colling, trained by the Al Gore Climate Reality Project. In … Read more

St. James Cathedral

Divestment Now!

Yes, liquidating pension fund investments in fossil fuel companies is not a popular course of action. The moral justification for doing so it clear:  the continued consumption of fossil fuels is dooming the earth that our grandchildren – and their grandchildren – will ultimately inherit. But on the practical level –- managers of these funds … Read more

Divestment – where do the Churches stand today?

The Federal budget released yesterday (March 23)  included a very minor change to provisions of the Income Tax Act that allowed companies to fully deduct exploration expenses (seismic testing, exploratory drilling etc.) from revenue in the year in which these expenses were occurred.  Now these expenses can only  be deducted over time – unless the … Read more


If you are concerned about climate change, you are probably aware of the need to reduce the world’s dependency on fossil fuels.   A decision by fossil fuel companies to wind down their exploration for further sources of fossil fuels to exploit would contribute to this objective.  Yet they will not do so voluntarily.  They may do so if they run into investor opposition.

If you invest in a Canadian mutual fund, you will probably have a large stock holding in fossil fuel companies.  Environmental organizations fighting climate change want to persuade you to sell this stock.

Your first reaction will be: “These investments have done me well so far, and I need them to be there for my retirement”.

How do you reconcile your concern about climate change with the natural desire to invest for your future?  The United Church’s “Green Awakening Network” will address this difficult question at its 2014 Annual Forum on March 1st  next.

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