Trump spoils the party at Merrakech!

The challenge facing COP 22 (Marrakech) was to resolve many climate change issues not settled at COP 21 by The Paris Agreement. The hope was that the US and China would again provide the leadership at Marrakech that they had shown at COP21. That hope was seriously undermined by the election of Donald Trump as … Read more

Down East Comment Sense

Why has the issue of climate change barely surfaced in the US Presidential Election?  Well in some places it has. The Bangor (Maine) Daily News published a commentary by Fred Hill and Walter Kozumbo under the by line Trump’s denial of climate change alone disqualifies him for the presidency Hill and Kozumbo pulled no punches. In their … Read more

Denialists recruit Sarah Palin as a campaigner

Michael Morano, a lobbyist for the fossil fuel industry, is a good tactician.  He admitted there is global warming, but claims it is really caused by “natural variability”.  He also states emphatically that governments should not be trying to control the temperature, as that is a waste of resources. He knows that he cannot win … Read more

Wacky Weather Wisdom

Astronomers have discovered a new planet far beyond Pluto.  If there is life on that planet, the leading candidates for the Republican Presidential nomination –  judged by their comments on climate change – are as far out as its inhabitants. Donald Trump is not a believer in climate change.  He says it’s the weather that … Read more

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