Quirks & Quarks Host answers Viewer Climate Change Questions

The United States has its climate change personality – Bill Nye, “the Science Guy”.  CBC has Nye’s equivalent in Bob Mcdonald, a science journalist who for years has been the host of  the radio program “Quirks and Quarks”. From time to time McDonald has been interviewed on The National, the CBC news flagship.  Last night … Read more

White Christmas?  Bah, humbug!

So what if parts of Ontario have had the warmest Christmas Day since 1964.  And that record high temperatures were recorded throughout the Eastern US States. The basic climate conditions, i.e. El Nino, and the polar vortex, were favourable to warmer temperatures. Climate Scientists treat this short term phenomenon cautiously, and don’t necessarily attribute it to … Read more

A Pessimistic Prediction

In a report released last fall, the Department of Defense referred to climate change as a “threat multiplier.  So lets examine the current conflict in Syria. Drought is a contributing factor to the Syrian civil war.  The drought started in 2006 and continued for another three years.  Many Syrian farmers could not survive on their farms and … Read more

Please World – get this straight!

As has been said so often:  global warming increases the intensity and frequency of natural weather systems.  Or – to put it another way – global warming is a significant contributor to the extreme weather events we are experiencing. This comparison was popular a couple of years back:  a star baseball player, famous for his … Read more

Lessons from Beverly Hills

What does Beverly Hills have in common with the tar sands?  Simple:  both are experiencing a shortage of water needed to maintain “their lifestyle”. In  the case of Beverly Hills the consequences are not that serious.  Natural green lawns are disappearing, but ultimately these attractive yards can be replaced with Astroturf. For tar sands, the … Read more


Imagine millions of people living in a modern city in a large prosperous country having to accept severely rationed water – five days without water and two days with. That is the situation in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the world’s twelfth largest city. The Sao Paulo region is experiencing extreme drought:  a third consecutive year with … Read more

An obvious connection: drought and civil war.

Readers who wish more information on the connection between insurrection, drought and climate change should view the first episode in James Cameron’s series on Climate Change entitled “Years of Living Dangerously”. This episode deals with several countries but most relevant are the interviews and scenes concerning the four years of severe drought in Syria that … Read more

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