Global Warming doesn’t mean “no more winter”!

The Polar Vortex (aka the Arctic Oscillation) has been the subject of comments in 4RG. Follow these links to see how 4RG has tracked changes in this generator of the cold weather North American has been experiencing this year.

Go to last year’s commentary on the winter of 2013 – the blog was based on articles from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the British Met Office.  Here is what we wrote:

 “. . . the Arctic Polar Jet Stream has gone “loopy”.  Usually the jet stream is a fast flowing high atmospheric air current found between air masses of significantly different temperature.  With the warming of the Arctic the temperature difference is less so the jet stream is weakening.   As it weakens, it starts to meander, looping to the South. The most recent atmospheric charts of the jet stream show significant loops.” [“Loopy”=1. full of loops. 2.Slang. a. eccentric; crazy; dotty . . . ]

Speaking of “ crazy” is there anything crazier than the Southern California experience of no rain for months ending with extreme rainfall from thunderstorms that brought mudslides, impassable roads, sinkholes, flash floods, power outages . . . you name it.  But according to TIME Magazine no relief from the drought conditions!

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Extreme Weather Events – Clear Link to Climate Change

4RG is fortunate to have David Suzuki as an honourary member of the steering committee.  There are few other environmentalists who can explain the issues related to climate change with such clarity. David has traced out the relationship between extreme weather events and global warming in this short video.  Take the time to follow the link. … Read more

Drought, wildfires, floods – what is next for Colorado!

The City of Boulder, Colorado, has never experienced the damage it suffered in last weeks’s devastating flood. The NBC News stated that Boulder had been hit by a 100-year flood.   The time period covered by these sort of comparisons assumes  a “normal” that does not exist today.

Take the City of Peterborough Ontario. It was hit by a 100 year flood in 2002.  Just when it had recovered and invested in new municipal infrastructure to reduce damage from flooding, it was hit by a 280 year flood in 2005 that caused widespread damage!

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Great Lakes levels: a painful topic

On several occasions we have commented on the disruption to Georgian Bay residents caused by falling lake levels. Read more at “Low Water Levels again”,  “A Problem Close to Home” and  “Low Water Levels on  the Great Lakes – a Serious Environmental Problem”.

The International Joint Commissions (IJC) has just released its report on this problem, compiled after many years of research and analysis.

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Terrorism, Drought and Climate Change

The Governments of Western nations have known for some years that there would be a food crisis in the South Sahel Desert Region.  The Governments have also known that this crisis was the consequence of extreme drought – a drought attributable to a root cause: changing weather patterns contributed to by climate change.  Eighteen million … Read more

The Connection between Climate Change and National Security

  A recent blog commented on an interview with Chris Alexander, a Conservative Member of Parliament  for Ajax-Pickering.  In the interview Chris mentioned coming back from his diplomatic posting in Afghanistan and seeing David Suzuki on the television talking about ‘the end of the world’. From Chris’ perspective, wars in that part of the world are a … Read more

Low Water Levels again!

This summer we gave an account of our personal experience with low water levels in the Great Lakes.  To no one’s suprise, the Great Lakes are not the only waterway in North America seriously impacted by low water levels.  The Mississippi river, a major industrial artery, is between 15 to 20 feet lower than normal.  That … Read more

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