A Death Wish???

Four years ago 4RG and other climate change NGOs sponsored “Sleepwalking to Catastrophe”, a Climate Change Forum.  Alanna Mitchell, the author of “Sea Sick”, was one of the panellists. She told us that the great coral reefs of the world were facing extinction. Alanna’s message was dramatic, but factual: Global Warming was the culprit. The world … Read more

Media Re-actions to Extreme Weather

December 2015 was the hottest in the UK since temperature records began.  And it deserved that record by a wide margin:  the December average temperature for England was more than double the long-term average and more than 2 degrees warmer than the previous high set in 1934. UK scientists don’t have to draw graphs, analyse … Read more

White Christmas?  Bah, humbug!

So what if parts of Ontario have had the warmest Christmas Day since 1964.  And that record high temperatures were recorded throughout the Eastern US States. The basic climate conditions, i.e. El Nino, and the polar vortex, were favourable to warmer temperatures. Climate Scientists treat this short term phenomenon cautiously, and don’t necessarily attribute it to … Read more

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