Climate change ignored

The Globe & Mail is the principal sponsor of the next leaders debate, to be held in Calgary this coming Thursday.  The Globe – a business oriented paper – decided that the debate will center on economic policy.  To quote the Globe: “(The debate) “will probe the economic platforms of the three official parties, assessing … Read more

A critical election

We live on Bowood Avenue in Toronto.   A street that is also a community.  Many young families and lots of kids. When I see them skipping along the street, hear them play in their back yard, watch them shoot hoops in their front yard, I think “These are the grandchildren we are trying to protect.” … Read more

Harper:  climate change is not an election issue!

Prime Minister Harper was asked about climate change and Canada’s involvement in COP 21. Harper said simply he is optimistic that an acceptable international agreement will be reached at Paris. In that connection he noted that Canada had submitted its climate targets to the UN. “Optimistic?”:  If Prime Minister Harper had any appreciation of the … Read more

The Federal Election

In her speech to the Climate Summit of the Americas, Premier Kathleen Wynne set the bar for environmental organizations. “ Make climate change an issue in the next Federal elections”. Yes, but how?  That is the problem facing 4RG, a small organization of seniors. The larger environmental groups will expand their usual media activity. The … Read more

Grass Roots Democracy – Letter to your MP

Do you agree that we must convince our politicians to act to mitigate climate change before it is truly too late? If you do, then a good way to do this is to meet with them and ask them to act now. With an election due in 2015, your member of parliament – whether Conservative, … Read more

The US Mid-term Election: One step back, and . . .

Will the Results of the US election bury what hope there was of achieving an agreement on climate change? Moving off the present climate trajectory is a collective task.   Without US leadership and technological support the needed reduction of GHG will probably not happen. Prominent Republicans in the US Senate have referred to global warming … Read more