A Senior’s Letter to Premier Wynne

Dear Premier Wynne,

You were recently quoted as saying:

“My value system is: We have a responsibility as government to allow people to have a secure retirement. . . . There is a stark difference between those who believe this is a good idea and those who don’t.”

Your words were addressed to pensions for seniors, but they are equally applicable to the environment that seniors hope for when they retire in the next decades.

Global warming is a reality that will bring heat waves of greater frequency and severity in mid-latitude areas such as Ontario.  Elderly citizens are most at risk from these extreme events: increased heat-related deaths, greater anxiety, dislocation of living patterns and the like.

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Calgary By-Election – Comment on Comments

The Calgary results are in.  The Conservative Candidate, Joan Crockatt, held the riding, receiving approximately 36% of votes cast, giving her a narrow win over Harvey Locke, the Liberal candidate. Did the awkward comments of Justin Trudeau and David McGuinty prejudice Locke? Possibly, but the apology of Trudeau and the resignation of McGuinty as Liberal …

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Why support a Green Party Candidate!

  An Albertan who read our Blog “Make the Conservative Party pay attention to environment issues!” made a fair point in commenting on our appeal to voters in Calgary Center to support Chris Turner. The Comment was: “While I respect your opinion to send the Conservatives a message, you are glossing over the fact that …

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A summary: Climate Change, Election Spending and Propaganda.

United States 2012 Presidential Election In the US Presidential Election  Republicans and Democrats and outside parties (called Super PACs) spent billions of dollars to woo the support of voters.  Now that the results are known, two questions arise:  did this advertizing decide the result?  And – if not – did this advertizing have any influence on …

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Election Déjà Vu!

Most Canadians welcome the re-election of Barack Obama.  Why?  Is it because most Canadians are liberals at heart, and viewed Governor Romney as a social conservative?  Or did Governor Romney’s platform to repeal Obamacare jar our own political preferences? Or did we recognize that President Obama thinks green and acknowledges the seriousness of global warming …

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