Are we too late? Should we give up?

Two contrasting stories came to my attention this morning leaving me wondering how we can get out of this urgent climate mess and once again asking myself if it is worth even trying. The first story presents the opinion that humanity has 5 years to stop using fossil fuels or risk human extinction. The second, … Read more

Harper:  climate change is not an election issue!

Prime Minister Harper was asked about climate change and Canada’s involvement in COP 21. Harper said simply he is optimistic that an acceptable international agreement will be reached at Paris. In that connection he noted that Canada had submitted its climate targets to the UN. “Optimistic?”:  If Prime Minister Harper had any appreciation of the … Read more

The Green Party Highs and Lows of 2013

Will the Green Party make a difference to Canada’s political scene?  That was our question when Elizabeth May was elected as the Member for Saanich-Gulf Islands. In June 2011 we had several reasons to answer the question positively.  And some reasons to be pessimistic! Elizabeth May has been in the House for two plus years. … Read more

Make the Conservative Party pay attention to environment issues!

On November 26th Canadians in three ridings will vote in by-elections. The NDP is leading in Victoria, and the Conservatives are leading in Calgary and Durham. The closest race is in Calgary- Center, a traditional Conservative stronghold, and right next door to Stephen Harper’s riding. Two weeks ago the Conservative Candidate was in the lead, … Read more

Uninvited Guests

Rats will come if you leave garbage lying around.  Mosquitoes will breed if you allow stagnant water to accumulate.  Householders can readily take practical steps to stop these visits. It is much more difficult to discourage “visitors” attracted to our country by global warming.  The slight change in average temperature encourages their migration to Northern … Read more

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