Ottawa tries to find the Balance – Friday’s Globe Editorial

The Globe Editorial confidently starts with this claim: “Canada is blessed with an abundance of oil and gas . . “ This abundance is now a mixed blessing: Canada is one of the largest per capita contributors to GHG emissions.  Canada now has the difficult task of weaning Canadians off fossil fuels. “[The Globe]: Figuring … Read more

The end of one battle and the beginning of the next!  

Approval of Keystone would have been a great setback.  So 4RG appreciates the support of the campaign against Keystone from other countries, particularly from Norwegian grandparents. Yet there is much more to be done.  If the next US President is a Republican, the rejection of Keystone could be overturned So President Obama’s rejection of Keystone … Read more

A Necessary but Unfortunate Ambiguity

In a previous blog (“Having your cake and eating it too”,) we suggested that the Council of the Federation, i.e. the Provincial Premiers, would support pipelines allowing Alberta crude to get to new markets. Earlier this year, Premier Rachel Notley supported the development of the tar sands.  At her first Council meeting, she was diplomatic … Read more

Having your cake and Eating it too!

Provincial Premiers meeting today as the Council of the Federation hope to hammer out a national energy strategy. According to a leaked draft report the Premiers are considering a policy that favours pipelines and their supporting infrastructure to deliver Alberta crude (including Tar Sands bitumen) to international markets. A necessary consequence of a pro-pipeline strategy  is that … Read more

A Common Front for the Common Good

Delegates to the 2013 Energy and Mines Ministers Conference in Whitehorse   visited a large wind-turbine installation that would significantly reduce GHG emissions from an operating mine.  Yet the Official Press Release for the Conference said nothing about the great potential of renewable energy in the Northern Territories. This Press Release summarized the consensus reached at … Read more

Canada continues to be an outlier on GHG emissions!

The world’s two largest GHG emitters, the US and China, are going one way, and Canada is going another. Fact: Tar sands emissions have doubled since 1990 and are projected to double again by 2020. Fact: The proposed energy pipelines, Keystone XL and Energy East, are infrastructure for export of tar sands oil. Fact: Because of … Read more

“Dire Warning” means really DIRE!

A  Globe & Mail headline for a front page article on the latest UN Climate Change Report released by the IPCC (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) described it as a “Dire Warning”.  The Globe found those words so alarming that it has withdrawn them from its online database of published articles. In our opinion … Read more

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