Walter Pitman – a man who will be sorely missed!

Our 4RG Colleague, Walter Pitman, was a crusader! His profound commitment to the environment was supported by his recognition of the beauty of our planet Earth.  Walter associated that beauty with a divine presence, an association captured in the lyrics and music of the “Crusader’s Hymn” (as sung by the Hastings College Choir). Walter recognized … Read more

Climate Change Policy will not be Ontario Government Policy

The polls anticipated the Conservative win.  And for the next four years Ontario will be governed by a party that will not address climate change, although it will target litter!. So For Our Grandchildren and many other environmental organizations will  not be listened to, let alone any having actual influence on the Provincial Government. Doug … Read more

Climate Change Refugees – Part 2

The 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees is the legal document that defines who is a refugee, spells out their rights and imposes legal obligations on states to assist them and grant asylum to bona fide refugees. The Syrian refugees were fleeing the devastation and perils of the civil war in Syria.  They were not climate change refugees, even … Read more

Why some Canadians don’t worry about Climate Change

4RG has on several occasions pointed out that public attitudes towards climate change are different as between Europe and North America. Standard & Poors is a credit agency that assesses the financial stability of governments, banks, corporations, insurers etc.   A recent report from S & P on Sovereign Risk throws some light why there should … Read more

A critical election

We live on Bowood Avenue in Toronto.   A street that is also a community.  Many young families and lots of kids. When I see them skipping along the street, hear them play in their back yard, watch them shoot hoops in their front yard, I think “These are the grandchildren we are trying to protect.” … Read more