Tragedy of the Commons

From time to time ForourGrandchildren has referred to the “tragedy of the commons”.  Common pastures are available for herders of livestock.  Each herder recognizes that this resource will only sustain its users if they individually do not over use (or over consume) the resource.  Yet in the short term some individuals will prosper over other … Read more

Rio + 20

The objectives of a low-carbon future and “sustainability” go hand in hand. Reducing carbon in the atmosphere is the only way to fight climate change. With climate change under control, the world is “sustainable”, and will avoid the substantial extinction of species that could result from unchecked climate change. The Brazilian Government is the host … Read more

The Party’s Over…The Battle Is On

I know the battle has begun because I have met the troops – and they are a most impressive, energetic group of young Canadians from P.E.I. to B.C. A dozen of them came to our off-grid, ‘sustainable’ house the other day as part of a leadership training program, organized by the Sustainability Network for various … Read more

Why I joined For Our Grandchildren!

I grew up in the forties, when pleasures were much simpler.  Aged 7 & 9, my sister and I would walk several blocks to the library, or to the skating rink on weekends. We even ventured across the Bloor Viaduct to the Museum. We tobogganed in the Don Valley before the DVP was built, and … Read more

News from Norway!

Halfdan Wik of the Grandparents Climate Campaign (Norway) writes: We have really appreciated our contacts with Canadian grandparents, and are still hoping we can spread the message to new countries. It’s my firm conviction that grandparents have an important political role to play. A few days ago I received James Hansen’s newsletter, and read his … Read more

Survival of Creation – a comment by Walter Pitman

Every faith community has an explanation how we humans found our way to this gorgeous Planet Earth.  Within its literature virtually every faith includes some kind of creation story. Often these are some of the most poetic and inspiring verses to be found in sacred texts, expressed in words of extraordinary power and insight. These … Read more


The below is a letter from Anthony Ketchum, Mary Ketchum, and Sandi Trillo to local Torontonians.  This is an example of the type of demonstrations that ForOurGrandchildren endorse in support of the powerful 10/10/10 initiative of  Visit their website now, or read on for full details, and please submit your comments for actions you would … Read more

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