Doha – Canada’s Climate Change Record

In 2007 the Conservative Government took climate change very seriously.  In June 7 of that year, Prime Minister Harper told a Berlin audience that he regarded climate change as “perhaps the biggest threat to confront the future of humanity today”.  Yet a mere two years later the Canadian Government did not consider that responding to … Read more

Green v. Ungreen

If this were a boxing match the Referee would announce: “In that corner, smoking a cigar and clutching a money bag, is the overweight representative of corporate greed, North America. In the other corner, wearing green tights and matching singlet, with a cap sporting green feathers, is the representative of environmental sanity, the European Union. … Read more

Airbus yells “Ouch!!”

What to do when your National Airline has protested European Union Emissions Regulations, but gets nowhere.  China knows.  It is through with  speaking softly.  It has just hauled out a very big stick with which to cudgel European politicians into a more accommodating stance. The Government of China advised Airbus, the world’s leading manufacturer of … Read more

EU’s “Vote” on Tar Sands rating pleases Federal Government

The EU’s Fuel Quality Directive Committee (a group of experts) voted today on the contentious European Fuel Directive that ranked the carbon content of tar sands oil negatively in comparison with conventional oil.  Neither side gathered sufficient votes for approval or rejection of the Directive, so now the EU Council of Ministers must decide the issue.  Our Federal … Read more

“Spin” that will make you dizzy!

The headline to the lead story in the Globe & Mail (Tuesday, February-21-12) reads: “Science rides to the aid of oil sands”. This Thursday the European Union will vote on a Directive that attributes a higher carbon rating to tar sands oil than conventional oil.  A higher carbon rating means that carriers using tar sands … Read more