Climate Tales from the “Rock”

Canadians will recognize “the Rock” as a nick name for Newfoundland. Like the Inuit, Newfoundlanders have successfully adapted to a land and its climate that most North Americans would consider as less than ideal. Perhaps that is why Newfoundlanders enjoy the respect of other Canadians. In mid-September we travelled in Newfoundland and were intrigued by peoples’ … Read more

Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events

On May 30 I posted a comment on the connection between climate change and the tornados that hit the US Mid-West this spring.  I suggested that “Increasing concentrations of CO2 are associated with more extreme weather events. So the apparent trend of increasing frequency and intensity of tornados fits in with these observations.” Klem, a … Read more

Globe and Mail: Normal Disasters displaced 42 million last year.

We recently saw a very moving video on  Climate Change Refugees. Then we read this grim headline in our city news paper, the Globe and Mail. Together they pushed us to recognize that we could not continue to shrug our shoulders about climate change refugees, an attitude we had defended because we could do nothing … Read more

Tornados and Climate Change

Like you, I have been distressed by the news clips showing Joplin, Missouri, USA , the DEVASTATION caused by the tornado that struck the city, the grief and shock on the faces of residents as they return and see that their homes, businesses, hospitals and schools have been reduced to little better than rubble. In … Read more

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