“Happy New Year”

These salutations filled the air as we sought to accord our best wishes to relatives, friends and neighbours as the holiday season ended and we all found ourselves facing the new calendar entitled 2012. These wishes are usually heartfelt and reveal our uniqueness as a species on Planet Earth. As far as we know we are … Read more

The great Bernard Lonergan on the climate change debate!

  Who is the late Bernard Lonergan?  A Jesuit priest and the most influential Canadian theologian ever!  But now of only passing interest to a secular society.  But his insights are remarkable.   He did not actually comment on climate change, but the excerpts from his thought that follow give in four paragraphs why the … Read more

Globe and Mail: Normal Disasters displaced 42 million last year.

We recently saw a very moving video on  Climate Change Refugees. Then we read this grim headline in our city news paper, the Globe and Mail. Together they pushed us to recognize that we could not continue to shrug our shoulders about climate change refugees, an attitude we had defended because we could do nothing … Read more

In Memoriam Doreen Hamilton: 1938-2011

About six months ago Doreen expressed her desire to work on behalf of For Our Grandchildren (FOG). During the fall she participated in the meetings of the steering committee. She was firm minded and fair, with a talent for thinking and speaking clearly. As a grandparent, her commitment to the mission of FOG was evident. … Read more

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Quote from Reinhold Niebuhr

As a bonus feature this month, below is a quote from American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr.  Niebur is best known for relating Christian teachings to the realities of modern political issues, and is one of the favourite philosophers of U.S. President Barack Obama. Nothing worth doing is completed in our lifetime, Therefore, we are saved by hope. Nothing true … Read more

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