Canada’s Emissions progress rated “Unsatisfactory”

Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Julie Gelfand, reported to Parliament today on a number of different areas, including the federal government’s actions related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, environmental monitoring of the oil sands, and marine navigation in the Canadian Arctic. Of particular concern to For Our Grandchildren, she concludes that Canada’s … Read more

Hypocrisy?  You be the judge.

So what did Leona Aglukkaq, Canada’s Minister of the Environment say when she spoke to the recent United Nations Climate Summit?

As predicted Ms. Aglukkaq referred to recent draft regulations governing emissions from motor vehicles.  These regulations, promised two years ago, align Canada with similar US regulations.

The Minister also referred to the regulation of coal-fired electricity generating plants.  Nothing new there:  these regulations have been around for some time, and won’t  result in reduced emissions for many years.

Read moreHypocrisy?  You be the judge.

A must read!

In 2012 an enterprising Website ranked Canadian columnists who commented on climate change. Jeffrey Simpson walked away with the Project Beaver Award as the best!. 4RG has commented on numerous Simpson columns.  In our view he has continued to be the most balanced, most insightful and most persistent commentator on the subject. Read his recent … Read more

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