That Fossil award: it’s back!

At the1999 COP held at Bonn, a German organization promoted an award “Fossil of the Day” to be conferred on countries whose actions were most detrimental to the reduction of GHG emissions.   A later coalition of environmental organization promoted a “Colossal Fossil” award. These awards “caught on”.  When the Federal Conservatives formed the Government, Canada was … Read more

“Greenville” goes front and center

Today was another day of recognition for St. Jean de Brébeuf, the high school awarded first place at the Earth Day “Speak Up for the Planet” climate change competition sponsored by 4RG.   The team and their School Advisor brought their model green city, appropriately called “Greenville”, to the Ontario Science Center. The model was placed … Read more

Fossil of the Day Award

Canada used to have a lock on this Award.  Last year at Lima Canada started  to slip! So far it does not look hopeful at COP 21.  We are being upstaged by the likes of Belgium and Denmark, two countries that have never won the Award Until this year! For the first time (in my memory) the … Read more

When it isn’t leadership!

Time and again the Canadian Government has asserted it plays a leadership role in international climate change negotiations.  A blatantly inaccurate claim – unless winning the Fossil of the Year Award is “leadership”. At last year’s COP 20 Conference in Lima Canada Canada’s Minister of the Environment continued to make specious statements about Canada’s leadership. … Read more

Why no” fossil of the year” recognition for Canada at Lima

COP 20 Lima was the end of a long winning record.  Canada had been awarded the “Fossil of the Year” at five consecutive COP meetings.   At the Warsaw COP Canada received “Lifetime Unachievement Fossil Award.” At Lima Canada was shut out!! Why did this happen?   It wasn’t for lack of trying by our Government.  Just … Read more

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