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Divestment Now!

Yes, liquidating pension fund investments in fossil fuel companies is not a popular course of action. The moral justification for doing so it clear:  the continued consumption of fossil fuels is dooming the earth that our grandchildren – and their grandchildren – will ultimately inherit. But on the practical level –- managers of these funds … Read more

Canada, a Climate Change Laggard?

Deciding which countries will successfully meet climate change goals is as difficult as choosing the winning horse before a race starts. There are too many variables to be certain of the outcome., So, just as in a horse race, an assessment of a country’s commitment to meet these goals requires a consideration of “the odds”, … Read more

Exploiting the Arctic

Over many of the last decades, Norway’s wealth grew significantly, thanks to state revenues flowing from North Sea Oil.    During this period Norway was a benefactor to third world countries, assisting them to adopt measures to limit climate change and its impacts. A recent article in the Manchester Guardian commented on the ambivalence of … Read more

Subsidies to the Fossil Fuel Industry – on the way out!

In 2010 the G-20 countries concluded that financial assistance by a state to its fossil fuel industry encouraged development of fossil fuel resources, leading to increased emissions from fossil fuels. These countries agreed that state assistance, whether in the form of a subsidy or tax incentives, should be phased out over time. EnviroEconomics Inc., a … Read more

Let’s get moving on the “Canada Energy Plan”

Gillian Steward’s op-ed on Albertan politics in the Toronto Star  (Wildrose attack on Wynne  backfires) makes Wildrose politicians sound like guests at a mad hatter tea party.  But her reference to a grudge held by Albertans towards Ontario because of the “long-gone and much-despised National Energy Program (NEP)” makes it sound as though the whole … Read more

Stop Producing Fossil Fuels!! Is it possible?

The yearly Conference of the Parties to the Kyoto Convention on Climate Change (COP) aims to limit and eventually eliminate greenhouse gases released from the burning of fossil fuels. These Conferences have not considered the possibility of tackling the problem at its source – the production of fossil fuels. This is the way forward proposed … Read more

The race to burn!

How many research papers are necessary to prove the obvious?  Based on three decades of experience with climate change denial, an infinite amount of research is needed to conclude a spurious debate. In a recent research paper Dr Christophe McGlade, Research Associate at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources, identified the head-on inconsistency between government … Read more

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