Sceptical Media Reaction to the Portland Resolution

US News and Views treated the Resolution as censorship.  Its article was prefaced by an image of a book in chains – the same image we have used for this blog. In its comment on the Resolution, Fox News, well know for its Anti-Global Warming editorial policy, noted: “A petition, meanwhile, circulated by the Oregon Institute … Read more

Possible Lessons from the destruction of Fort McMurray

The Fort McMurray wildfire uprooted 88,000 residents of the area. When it is safe to do so, some of these people will return to run the industrial installations that extract bitumen from the neighbouring tar sands. For those who don’t, their immediate future will be uncertain.  They are Canada’s first climate change refugees. Ironically, only … Read more

A Death Wish???

Four years ago 4RG and other climate change NGOs sponsored “Sleepwalking to Catastrophe”, a Climate Change Forum.  Alanna Mitchell, the author of “Sea Sick”, was one of the panellists. She told us that the great coral reefs of the world were facing extinction. Alanna’s message was dramatic, but factual: Global Warming was the culprit. The world … Read more

Reducing emissions before it’s too late!

The World Meteorological Office has confirmed that the year 2015 was the hottest ever.  The month of February just past was the hottest February the world has experienced since 1880, the first year temperature records were kept.  For Toronto and other parts of Canada, February 3rd was the hottest day ever in that month. Climatologists … Read more

A Slap on the Wrist

On Wednesday the Climate Action Network voted to award the Fossil of the Day to the US and Canada for refusing to support compensation for loss or damage to poor countries vulnerable to natural events caused by climate change. Catherine McKenna, our Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, recognizes the importance of the issue … Read more

Canada’s Leadership Role

The previous Canadian Government claimed that Canada was playing a leadership role in the COP Meetings!  This claim became more preposterous the more times it was repeated. Fortunately our present Government  is a leader.  Here are two examples of leadership. Recent statements by Catherine McKenna, our Minister of the Environment, puts Canada in the forefront of a … Read more

Please World – get this straight!

As has been said so often:  global warming increases the intensity and frequency of natural weather systems.  Or – to put it another way – global warming is a significant contributor to the extreme weather events we are experiencing. This comparison was popular a couple of years back:  a star baseball player, famous for his … Read more

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