Wynne puts it on the line!

4RG supporters are challenged as to their personal motivation for pushing measures to combat  climate change.   Or about their views on the cause of climate change.  Or why there is a utility in taking steps to reduce GHG emissions. The answer to the first challenge is not difficult, and for this blog we will ignore … Read more

Canada’s climate target is a smokescreen (Holz)

Environment Canada’s climate change page starts with a sentence so misleading that it is laughable: “ The Government of Canada supports an aggressive approach to climate change . ..” We have already commented on the half-hearted efforts  to reduce greenhouse gases put forward by Canada in its INDC submission to the UN.  Christian Holz comments … Read more

A Canadian speaks to “Down Under” Countries

Australia is retreating from a strong climate change policy. New Zealand is wavering.  Why should Canadians worry about such developments down under? Gordon McBean, a Canadian climatologist who is the President elect of the International Council for Science, encouraged New Zealand to take a strong stand on climate change.  He referred to the world wide … Read more

Will Canada ever respect GHG targets?

B.C. Premier Christy Clark wishes to establish LNG plants in British Columbia, tapping into reserves of natural gas in that Province and possibly in the neighbouring province of Alberta.  Her problem is that LNG generating plants are sources of Greenhouse gases.  The contemplated plants would probably make it impossible for BC to meet its 2020 emission targets.

Her solution: reduce the BC target.

Her rationalization:  China will import the LNG, which it will use to replace coal as the energy for electricity generation.

The happy result:  overall China’s Greenhouse Gas emissions will be reduced.

Read more

Adapting to Climate Change

Environment Canada explains: “Adaptation actions can be in anticipation of, or in response to the impacts of a changing climate.  Examples of adaptation measures include the development of more stringent building standards for areas where heavier snowfall is expected, or limiting development in coastal areas where sea level is projected to rise. By making informed … Read more

Durban Day 5: A Defence of Minister Kent

Peter Kent, the Canadian Minister of the Environment, believes that Canada is morally superior to most other oil-exporting countries.  The reasons for this moral superiority are closely tied to our democratic heritage and our Charter of Rights.  The great majority of African countries are like the oil exporting countries to which he compares Canada so favourably. … Read more

Durban Day 4: Editorial support for Canada, but . . .

The first Globe & Mail editorial comment on the Durban Conference on Climate Change appeared in the Wednesday November 30th edition of the paper.  Essentially the Globe & Mail supported Canada’s position for not “prematurely [raising] expectations that the federal government will commit Canada to an intensified version of the Kyoto Protocol, due to expire next … Read more

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