Tar sands trouble!

The European Union is introducing legislation requiring industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).  The European transport industry must cut its GHG emissions by six percent as of 2020. To enable industries to proceed with these cuts the EU Civil Service introduced a draft schedule rating fossil fuels. This schedule rated oil from the tar … Read more

Is the Canadian Government honest?

Mark Jaccard is a professor of Resource and Environmental Management with Simon Fraser University, and a leading Canadian expert in the field of sustainable energy policy.  In his recent column in the Globe & Mail he stated that the Canadian Government knows it will not succeed in limiting greenhouse gas emissions as promised less than … Read more

Globe and Mail: Normal Disasters displaced 42 million last year.

We recently saw a very moving video on  Climate Change Refugees. Then we read this grim headline in our city news paper, the Globe and Mail. Together they pushed us to recognize that we could not continue to shrug our shoulders about climate change refugees, an attitude we had defended because we could do nothing … Read more

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