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Divestment Now!

Yes, liquidating pension fund investments in fossil fuel companies is not a popular course of action. The moral justification for doing so it clear:  the continued consumption of fossil fuels is dooming the earth that our grandchildren – and their grandchildren – will ultimately inherit. But on the practical level –- managers of these funds … Read more

Are we too late? Should we give up?

Two contrasting stories came to my attention this morning leaving me wondering how we can get out of this urgent climate mess and once again asking myself if it is worth even trying. The first story presents the opinion that humanity has 5 years to stop using fossil fuels or risk human extinction. The second, … Read more

Canada’s Climate Change Policy: the Reality

 Excerpts from Remarks by Stephen Lewis at the Policy Convention of the New Democratic Party of Canada (April 9th 2016) . . .  around global warming, there’s a rallying cry for the Party because the position of the Prime Minister is no position at all. At the Federal level, there is a serious vacuum of content and … Read more

High School Students: Are you thinking about your future?

If you are, you are probably wondering how the effects of climate change will impact your life.  And – this is the most important question – what can you do to minimize these effects? High school students across Canada deserve a chance to make their voices heard.  That is why For Our Grandchildren is sponsoring … Read more

A Manifesto for Ambition

International Alliance of Grandparents for the Climate (IAGC) L’Alliance International des Grand-Parents pour le Climat Eight countries have come together to fight to protect grandchildren from the ravages of global warming. The representatives of these countries have adopted the following as the statement of their mission. The International Alliance of Grandparents for the Climate (IAGC) speaks and … Read more

A critical election

We live on Bowood Avenue in Toronto.   A street that is also a community.  Many young families and lots of kids. When I see them skipping along the street, hear them play in their back yard, watch them shoot hoops in their front yard, I think “These are the grandchildren we are trying to protect.” … Read more

The Federal Election

In her speech to the Climate Summit of the Americas, Premier Kathleen Wynne set the bar for environmental organizations. “ Make climate change an issue in the next Federal elections”. Yes, but how?  That is the problem facing 4RG, a small organization of seniors. The larger environmental groups will expand their usual media activity. The … Read more

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