Homage to the Best Known Canadian Environmentalist

Canada has many outstanding environmentalists, but few who are as well known as David Suzuki.  He has recently published a short book that summarizes his thoughts on the serious consequences of climate change, entitled “The Legacy: An Elder’s Vision of Our Sustainable Future”.  Nearly 70 of the 113 pages explain why we are on the … Read more

Apathy? Ignorance? Indifference? Realism? Fatalism?

I encourage everyone to read Sandeep Kembhavi’s comment of October 18th last on a previous ForourGrandchildren Blog “A Layman’s problem in Assessing Climate Change”.  His remarks bring to mind a recent experience when my wife and I were hiking in Switzerland this fall.  We went to Jungfraujoch, the highest railway station in Europe, located just … Read more

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