Ontario’s commitment to a price on Carbon

The Ontario Government is now weighing responses received from its public consultation on climate change. There will be many developments in both law and policy as a result of this consultation. One development is certain:  Ontario will establish a price on carbon as a mechanism to reduce Green House Gas emissions in the Province.  Ontario … Read more

Tough Answers to Tough Questions

When asked recently what was the single most important and meaningful action governments could take to get more serious on climate, former US Vice President Gore responded:  “Put a price on carbon in markets, and a price on denial in politics.” 

Our Questions: 

(a) Is your party prepared to accept as a basis for action in Ontario that climate change is a clear and present danger so that government policy must be a key driver in structuring everything we do as a society, starting immediately post-election and continuing for several decades?

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Question: Ontario’s Emission Targets

Ontario has a provincial Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction target that reflects scientific opinion as to what is needed to reduce emissions and avoid run-away climate change.  These targets are: 6% below 1990 levels by 2014 (which Ontario will meet), 15% below 1990 levels by 2020, and 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.

Question: Would your party, if elected, move a Legislative Resolution by which the Provincial Legislature re-affirms Ontario’s commitment to those targets?

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The Green Party Highs and Lows of 2013

Will the Green Party make a difference to Canada’s political scene?  That was our question when Elizabeth May was elected as the Member for Saanich-Gulf Islands. In June 2011 we had several reasons to answer the question positively.  And some reasons to be pessimistic! Elizabeth May has been in the House for two plus years. … Read more

Line 9 key issue at Guelph Climate Change Forum

The big issue at the Guelph Climate Change Forum was Enbridge’s application to the National Energy Board to reverse a section of its Line 9 pipeline between Montreal with Sarnia.  This line traverses many watersheds that flow into Lake Ontario.  A rupture such as happened with Enbridge’s line at Kalamazoo, Michigan, would have a serious impact on the water supply for numerous Ontario towns. Environmental groups have expressed their opposition to this reversal, focusing on the risks of converting this 38 year old pipeline into the preferred means of transport of dilbit (diluted bitumen) to new markets.

Candidates for three of the four major Ontario Political parties (Guelph riding) set out the position of their party on this issue.

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An election about a pipeline!

The British Columbia Liberal Government overcame the NDP’s large lead in popular opinion to win Monday’s election.  Public opinion polls continued to confirm an NDP lead right up to election day.  Not since the victory of Harry Truman over Governor Dewey in the U.S. 1948 Presidential election have pollsters been so wrong.  So wrong that … Read more

Calgary By-Election – Comment on Comments

The Calgary results are in.  The Conservative Candidate, Joan Crockatt, held the riding, receiving approximately 36% of votes cast, giving her a narrow win over Harvey Locke, the Liberal candidate. Did the awkward comments of Justin Trudeau and David McGuinty prejudice Locke? Possibly, but the apology of Trudeau and the resignation of McGuinty as Liberal … Read more

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