Achieving a cleaner, more sustainable, and healthier future

Margaret Chan, the director of the World Health Organization, has delivered a powerful message: climate change causes serious health risks. She urges the health community to join the movement calling for a cleaner. more sustainable future. Ms Chan agreed with the recommendations of the Lancet commission and has promised WHO support for three specific recommendations. First, its … Read more

GHG’s are also directly harmful to human health!

Some common short-lived climate pollutants are black carbon, tropospheric ozone and methane. These substances are pollutants, which trap green house gases but also through their pollutant effect damage human health. Globally, 88% of the world’s population breathes air that does not meet the World Health Organization’s air quality guidelines.  In 2014, WHO estimated 7 million … Read more

Uninvited Guests

Rats will come if you leave garbage lying around.  Mosquitoes will breed if you allow stagnant water to accumulate.  Householders can readily take practical steps to stop these visits. It is much more difficult to discourage “visitors” attracted to our country by global warming.  The slight change in average temperature encourages their migration to Northern … Read more

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