Baby Sea Gulls on a Hot (Tin) Roof

So Toronto can expect that this Canada Day to bring an epic heat wave. According to Anthony Farnell, the Chief Meteorologist of Global News, Saturday and Sunday are probably going to set new standards for Toronto. Not just the heat, but the humidity “What will make this weekend potentially dangerous is the humidity,” he said. … Read more

A Lump of Coal

A lump of coal!  Naughty children are warned that if they don’t behave this lump would be in their Xmas stocking. But down under in Australia  coal is a commodity to be admired, for a number of reasons: First, Australia has plenty of coal, and exports millions of tons a year. Second, coal is cheap, so it … Read more

Climate Change and Municipal Zoning Policy

Approximately four years ago Toronto approved construction of an apartment building on a large property in a residential area provided the apartments were occupied by seniors; the building could include a place of worship and community spaces – necessary to override restrictions in the zoning by law. A developer acquired the property and sought permission … Read more

“Cherry Picking at its finest!”

Christopher Booker, one of the founders of “Private Eye”, is a frequent contributor to the Telegraph, a UK newspaper.  He has written numerous controversial columns for the Telegraph since 1990, many of which dispute the conclusions of the IPCC on climate change. This activity has gained him recognition as one of the leading Denialists in … Read more

“We’re having a heat wave!”

Nearly a century ago Irving Berlin wrote these words for his song: “We’re having a heat wave! A tropical heat wave The temperature’s rising It isn’t surprising . . .  Not so long ago heat waves, defined as three consecutive days of unusual heat, would hit North America approximately every twenty years. Now – unless … Read more

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