Donald and the “Trumpettes”

Give President-elect Donald Trump credit for his ability to dismiss issues that he regards as unimportant using simple language. Voters accept his summary as this relieves them of the need to have a deeper understanding of these issues. Politicians who are on the same side of an issue expand on or synchronize their conclusions with … Read more

US Senate: Climate Change no longer a “hoax”

In the various legislative manoeuvrings concerning Keystone XL before the US Houses of Congress, Democratic Senators moved an amendment to the bill approving this pipeline.   The amendment clause stated: “. . . climate change is real and is not a hoax.” The amendment was designed to put Republican Senators on the spot. For a number of … Read more

The US Mid-term Election: One step back, and . . .

Will the Results of the US election bury what hope there was of achieving an agreement on climate change? Moving off the present climate trajectory is a collective task.   Without US leadership and technological support the needed reduction of GHG will probably not happen. Prominent Republicans in the US Senate have referred to global warming … Read more