Suing Obama over Climate Change

James Hansen, the well know Climate Scientist, was a party to a 2014 law suit against the State of Washington, supported by an organization “Climate Change for Families”.  Besides his granddaughter there were a number of infant plaintiffs in the case. In 2015 a judge heard the case and ordered the State to consider the … Read more

Faith in Technology

Frequently we read commentary of the sort: “Yes, global warming is occurring.  But humans have proven themselves capable of developing technology to counter physical threats such as climate change.” The element of faith in this statement is amazing.  Because in the past technology has overcome problems we need not fear the future. James Hansen has … Read more

Grandparents: A story for your grandchildren!

James Hansen is a climate scientist with a gentle touch.  That touch comes out in his delightful story “Butterfly Report + Jeremiah the Frog”, a story he wrote for his fourteen year old grandaughter, Sophie. The Butterfly Report is about the Monarch Butterfly, and the impact of the wildfires and droughts in the South Western … Read more

You have to admire Australians!

We watched one of the episodes of a TV Series entitled “I have seen the earth change” that commented on the 2006-07 drought experienced in the farming communities of New South Wales, Australia. Two things impressed us:  the resilience of the surviving farmers, to whom drought went “with the territory”. The hardship of drought was … Read more

A letter from Mark Jaccard

Canada is heading for a serious division in the social fabric equal to the confrontations that characterized the US Civil Rights movements in the 1960’s.   Civil disobedience will become part of the weapons of the environmentalists.   First read:  Are you ready for civil disobedience? Next read the following explanation by Mark Jaccard, Canada’s leading energy-environment economist, … Read more

News from Norway!

Halfdan Wik of the Grandparents Climate Campaign (Norway) writes: We have really appreciated our contacts with Canadian grandparents, and are still hoping we can spread the message to new countries. It’s my firm conviction that grandparents have an important political role to play. A few days ago I received James Hansen’s newsletter, and read his … Read more

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