Alberta : NDP victory but GHG emissions policy still vague !

In the last days of the Alberta election campaign Premier Jim Prentice urged voters to reject the NDP party.  Instead Alberta voters rejected Jim Prentice. Although he won his own riding, Prentice immediately resigned as MLA and Party Leader, saying he is withdrawing from public life to spend more time with his family, including his grandchildren. 4RG …

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Alberta: the key to meeting Canada’s GHG Targets

Over five years ago a Federal Conservative Cabinet minister attempted to convince the Alberta Government to  set a price on carbon by joining a national system for cap and trade. At the time Alberta had an internal cap and trade system  for large emitters. The Alberta Government considered that any national cap-and-trade system  would potentially limit  growth in …

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A Canadian Public Relations Strategy

Nearly five years ago Jim Prentice, then Minister of the Environment in the Federal Cabinet, made it clear to the power industry that Canada’s 2020 emission target required a move away from coal. The next year the Federal Government banned construction of new generating plants fired by coal unless equipped with Carbon Capture and Storage.  The Government …

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Setting a Price on Carbon

How should a Canadian Government set a price for carbon? By legislation, such as a carbon tax? Or by a market based system, such as cap-and-trade ?

In the 2008 Federal Election a majority of Canadians rejected a carbon tax proposed by the Liberal Party.  After this defeat, Jim Prentice, then the Federal Minister of Environment, announced that a carbon market was an important building block in the Conservative Government’s climate change plan.

The market was based on a a cap-and-trade system.   The system would limit emissions of greenhouse gases but emitters would be able exceed the limits by purchasing offset credits to compensate for their excess emissions.  These rules were never finalized and the proposal was effectively dropped.

In October 2010 Prentice resigned from the Government and joined the CIBC.  His departure was never explained.

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Carbon Offsets Market

“It is great to be here and to make a major announcement as part of the Government of Canada’s plan to combat climate change.” These are the words of introduction of a speech by Jim Prentice, then Minister of the Environment to the Economic Club on June 10, 2009.  In case the audience had not wakened to …

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