Open Letter to PM Trudeau

This letter addressed to Prime Minister Trudeau and copied to other prominent federal politicians came to my attention yesterday. The author has given 4RG permission to publish it. Re: Creation of an All Party Climate Emergency Cabinet Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, Congratulations on your re-election as the leader of our incredible country! With your newly … Read more

PM speaks out at the United Nations!

Canada’s new partnership (with aboriginal peoples) will involve addressing the shared challenge of climate change. Indigenous and northern communities are particularly affected by its stark reality. In communities across the north – places like Paulatuk, Kugluktuk (KUG-LOOK-TOOK), and Tuktoyaktuk – where community members are finding sea ice conditions more dangerous and unpredictable for travelling and … Read more

Question for Justin Trudeau

M. Trudeau, You are apparently on tour to find out what Canadians care about. Well, I care about the same things I cared about when I voted for the Liberal candidate in the last election. I voted for her because your party promised Real Change, especially on 3 things that matter a lot to me. … Read more

What can we expect from COP 21 (the Paris Conference of the Parties)?

Can these Parties who, nearly two decades ago, agreed to limit emissions causing climate change, finally take effective steps towards that goal?   A failure to do so, such as happened at the Copenhagen COP, will confirm the ineffectiveness of the United Nations, the only international organization that can bring countries together to generate reasonable solutions. … Read more

Time for Stefan Dion!

Like other groups pushing for action on climate change 4RG is relieved that voters rejected the Conservative government. The Liberal government to be has already deftly torpedoed the Keystone XL pipeline: Justin Trudeau has confirmed to President Obama that any US decision on Keystone – a clear reference to Obama’s possible veto – will not undermine … Read more

Ontario’s commitment to a price on Carbon

The Ontario Government is now weighing responses received from its public consultation on climate change. There will be many developments in both law and policy as a result of this consultation. One development is certain:  Ontario will establish a price on carbon as a mechanism to reduce Green House Gas emissions in the Province.  Ontario … Read more

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