Taking the Politics out of Climate Change??

The columns of Margaret Wente are a gauge of the public recognition of climate change. Based on her commentary in the Globe (June 2011), 4RG concluded that she was a climate change denier. In December 2011 of another column demonstrated her denier status as she approved the decision by the Harper Government to ditch the … Read more

Get Ready for it!

When President Trump was elected, 4RG anticipated that the US would not contribute anything useful to the development of international climate change policy and sound environmental measures over the next 4 years. In fact the future effort to check climate change may be more seriously effected. We expect that tomorrow (or soon thereafter) the US will … Read more

A Climate Change Battleground

In our recent blog “A Seat at the Table” we speculated how US actions under Donald Trump would impact the international infrastructure under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). In his last days in office, President Obama approved payment of $500 million to the UN Green Climate Fund (GCF) that was established … Read more

Trump spoils the party at Merrakech!

The challenge facing COP 22 (Marrakech) was to resolve many climate change issues not settled at COP 21 by The Paris Agreement. The hope was that the US and China would again provide the leadership at Marrakech that they had shown at COP21. That hope was seriously undermined by the election of Donald Trump as … Read more

Ambush at COP21

The Kyoto Protocol recognized two groups: developed and developing countries. The latter group included 77 countries and China, which, at the time was emerging from decades of communism. However, China is still the influential member of that group over 20 years later, even though China is now the largest emitter of CO2 in the world. … Read more

Time for Stefan Dion!

Like other groups pushing for action on climate change 4RG is relieved that voters rejected the Conservative government. The Liberal government to be has already deftly torpedoed the Keystone XL pipeline: Justin Trudeau has confirmed to President Obama that any US decision on Keystone – a clear reference to Obama’s possible veto – will not undermine … Read more

A Canadian speaks to “Down Under” Countries

Australia is retreating from a strong climate change policy. New Zealand is wavering.  Why should Canadians worry about such developments down under? Gordon McBean, a Canadian climatologist who is the President elect of the International Council for Science, encouraged New Zealand to take a strong stand on climate change.  He referred to the world wide … Read more

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