Climate Change Leadership Australian Style

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard recently went on national television to declare that her Government would tax carbon emissions at $25 per ton, eventually replacing the tax by an emissions trading plan operating on the cap-and-trade principle.  As this plan would increase market prices, she also proposes an income tax reduction, arguing that this reduction … Read more

Globe and Mail: Normal Disasters displaced 42 million last year.

We recently saw a very moving video on  Climate Change Refugees. Then we read this grim headline in our city news paper, the Globe and Mail. Together they pushed us to recognize that we could not continue to shrug our shoulders about climate change refugees, an attitude we had defended because we could do nothing … Read more

The Billion Dollar Lockdown

On June 25th next Torontonians may as well stay home and watch the World Soccer Championships (which they might well have watched at work!)  On that day the central Toronto financial district is shuttered and barred as a security measure protecting delegates to the G8/20 Summits from environmental protesters, amongst others. A coalition of North American … Read more

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