Great Lakes levels: a painful topic

On several occasions we have commented on the disruption to Georgian Bay residents caused by falling lake levels. Read more at “Low Water Levels again”,  “A Problem Close to Home” and  “Low Water Levels on  the Great Lakes – a Serious Environmental Problem”.

The International Joint Commissions (IJC) has just released its report on this problem, compiled after many years of research and analysis.

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Low Water Levels again!

This summer we gave an account of our personal experience with low water levels in the Great Lakes.  To no one’s suprise, the Great Lakes are not the only waterway in North America seriously impacted by low water levels.  The Mississippi river, a major industrial artery, is between 15 to 20 feet lower than normal.  That … Read more

A Problem close to home!

Our focus this past month has been on a climate change problem right on the doorsteps of Ontario residents: the Great Lakes water levels.   We commented on a Report released in August by the International Joint Commission, a Canada-US body responsible for overseeing the environmental health and development of the Great Lakes.   We noted: “In … Read more

Low water levels on the Great Lakes: a serious environmental problem.

This summer we spent two weeks on Georgian Bay, a truly beautiful, nearly-landlocked bay that empties into Lake Huron.  We rented a beach cottage, which, like many other properties there, had been “in the family” for many years.  The owners were justifiability concerned that dropping water levels would affect their enjoyment of this special property … Read more

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