“Canada’s miss on emissions.

Jeffrey Simpson is one of our favourite columnists.   Read his article in today’s Globe (An unambitious emissions target we won’t even hit) that should be compulsory reading for all voters. Here are some excerpts from his column: “Being the Environment Minister in the Harper government is political purgatory. The environment generally, and greenhouse-gas emissions reduction … Read more

When it isn’t leadership!

Time and again the Canadian Government has asserted it plays a leadership role in international climate change negotiations.  A blatantly inaccurate claim – unless winning the Fossil of the Year Award is “leadership”. At last year’s COP 20 Conference in Lima Canada Canada’s Minister of the Environment continued to make specious statements about Canada’s leadership. … Read more

Canada’s Climate Policy: a Disappearing Act! 

Our first Lima blog suggested that there could be progress at the COP20 Conference.  Our optimism was encouraged by the statement that Canada would contribute $265 million (US) to the Green Climate Fund.   This positive sign has been off-set by recent negative changes in our climate policy. Previously the Canadian policy, repeated at every COP … Read more

The most depressing sentence of the year!

The fall report of Canada’s Commissioner of the Environment released today starts with this sentence: “Within the federal government, Environment Canada is the lead department on the issue of climate change. It has primary responsibility for the current federal approach…..” In a recent blog we made some negative comments about Canada’s Federal Minister of the … Read more

Hypocrisy?  You be the judge.

So what did Leona Aglukkaq, Canada’s Minister of the Environment say when she spoke to the recent United Nations Climate Summit?

As predicted Ms. Aglukkaq referred to recent draft regulations governing emissions from motor vehicles.  These regulations, promised two years ago, align Canada with similar US regulations.

The Minister also referred to the regulation of coal-fired electricity generating plants.  Nothing new there:  these regulations have been around for some time, and won’t  result in reduced emissions for many years.

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A must read!

In 2012 an enterprising Website ranked Canadian columnists who commented on climate change. Jeffrey Simpson walked away with the Project Beaver Award as the best!. 4RG has commented on numerous Simpson columns.  In our view he has continued to be the most balanced, most insightful and most persistent commentator on the subject. Read his recent … Read more

We are not surprised!

If we are permitted a bit of exaggeration, we would say that Canada has not a hope in hell of reaching its Copenhagen targets for reduced Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Not even its supporters expect the Harper Government to be a miracle maker.  Yet that is what is required if we are to meet this target.  Implementation of the long promised regulations on the oil and gas industry won’t do the trick. . . . and, apart from stricter emissions standards for motor vehicles (adopted from the USA), there is nothing else on the agenda.

Today Environment Canada finally released its analysis of GHG emission trends – three months behind schedule.  Perhaps Canada’s new Environment Minister had to warn her colleagues that the situation described in the report would not be pretty.

Then again perhaps not.  No one in this Government appears to believe in the necessity of avoiding global warming, possibly because they don’t accept the science.

Canada was failing in the other years since Copenhagen but this year it flunked out!  

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