The Arctic on the Brink

In 2012 the Arctic set new records for warming and reduced ice coverage of the Arctic Sea. Climatologists warned that the Arctic was warming more quickly than projected. The denialist industry quickly criticized this conclusion, pointing out alleged inconsistencies in the scientific accounts of polar climates. Four years later the Arctic shows signs of climatic stress. … Read more

Going Up!

Like most people born in Nova Scotia, I was familiar with the rise and fall of the sea.  Tides, tidal currents, wind fetch and surge – all these varying factors made it difficult to judge the “sea level”. And we never worried about the impact of the sea on the N.S. coastline.  The next storm … Read more

The “World Class” buzz word!

We get Press Releases from the Canadian Government relating to the environment.  These Releases use certain stock words or phrases comparing Canada’s policies and laws against the world community.

A recent Press Release dated May 14 from Greg Rickford, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, has the title: Minister Rickford Announces Latest Actions to Enhance Canada’s World-Class Pipeline Safety System. The Press Release is linked to a “backgrounder” with the title “World Class Pipeline Safety”.

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The Other Side of Keystone Sales Pitch – Job destruction

The current hype surrounding Keystone seems to have moved away from energy security to the creation of jobs.  Certainly the construction phase will result in jobs: trenching, laying the pipe, installing pumping stations.  After construction tar sands bitumen will flow to the Gulf Refineries, and for some time there will be continuing jobs in the oil kingdoms of Alberta and Texas.

But there is another side and it concerns the smallest State in the United States: Rhode Island.  For centuries there has been a fishing industry in this small State.  Not that large but large enough to support a way of life in coastal communities.  Now the industry is suffering – suffering because climate change has brought warmer temperatures to the Atlantic Ocean. (Flashback:  the warmer temperature aided and abetted the destructive force of Hurricane Sandy.)

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Modern day Canutes!

North Carolina has a wonderful seacoast.  Miles of sand beaches and dunes shelter the large number of substantial houses built with an ocean view. There is a problem: the state is often the location on the Atlantic seaboard where hurricanes make a landfall.  When that happens the damage is severe, particularly because of the storm … Read more

The Truth comes out!

A month ago ForourGrandchildren commented on the latest rush to riches . . . . the exploitation of Arctic waters to extract the large reserves of fossil fuels beneath the ice.  Now that the ice is disappearing the fossil fuels are there for the taking.  But this prospect causes public uneasiness:  what will be the … Read more

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