BBC issues Climate Change Guidelines

A few days ago Carbon Brief reported on new BBC guidelines for how to report on climate change. It is time for the CBC and all news media in Canada to do something similar. Carbon Brief asked leading climate scientist Prof Ed Hawkins for his verdict. Despite a few minor grumbles about some of the wording … Read more

Taking the Politics out of Climate Change??

The columns of Margaret Wente are a gauge of the public recognition of climate change. Based on her commentary in the Globe (June 2011), 4RG concluded that she was a climate change denier. In December 2011 of another column demonstrated her denier status as she approved the decision by the Harper Government to ditch the … Read more

Alternative Facts

A Trump staffer recently used the words “alternative fact” when defending her comments on the size of crowds attending the inauguration of the President.  Her words triggered a fire storm of discussion! She did not appreciate that she could not minimize a dispute about such a straight forward factual issue by using the qualifier “alternative”. Perhaps she adopted … Read more

Sceptical Media Reaction to the Portland Resolution

US News and Views treated the Resolution as censorship.  Its article was prefaced by an image of a book in chains – the same image we have used for this blog. In its comment on the Resolution, Fox News, well know for its Anti-Global Warming editorial policy, noted: “A petition, meanwhile, circulated by the Oregon Institute … Read more

Media Re-actions to Extreme Weather

December 2015 was the hottest in the UK since temperature records began.  And it deserved that record by a wide margin:  the December average temperature for England was more than double the long-term average and more than 2 degrees warmer than the previous high set in 1934. UK scientists don’t have to draw graphs, analyse … Read more

Kill the Messengers!

Kill the Messengers  is an invaluable, thoroughly researched book written by Marc Bourrie, an expert on censorship and an award-winning  journalist with decades of exposure to politics and our parliamentary system. He documents the erosion of the values and trust so many of us take for granted in Canada in our democracy. Bourrie illustrates the astonishing … Read more

Who believes in Canada’s leadership on climate change?

“Leadership” is one of the buzz words in Canadian Government communications on the subject of climate change.  Over the years Government communications officers who wrote (or reviewed) press releases or letters written ostensibly by ministers responding to voters became quite attached to the word. The word re-assured citizens that all was well with Government policy.  … Read more

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