Stephen Leahy:  Canada’s Environmental Journalist

Stephen Leahy, a freelance international journalist who resides just outside of Toronto,is a 2012 co-winner of the UN Global Media Prize for climate change coverage.  He and his colleagues were the source of commentary appearing on the Warsaw Climate Conference (COP 18) of published IN 4RG last fall. These are busy days for international journalists … Read more

Global Warming isn’t going away!

Sceptic websites and AGW (anti-global warming) militants have been emphasizing that despite increased atmospheric CO2 world average temperatures have not risen since 1998.  Both the US NOOA and the UK Met office recognize that their theoretical models projected increasing average temperatures during the years since 1998.

Sceptics consider that there is an inconsistency between observed increases in CO2 and the actual warming experience, which was slightly less than the UK Met office predicted.  The most vocal among the sceptics attribute this inconsistency to the Met Office’s “fraud” on the UK taxpayer.  Fraud is a great exaggeration. The real complaint (not by any means substantiated) is that UK Government meteorologists are committed towards a theory of global warming that will encourage government financial support of the Met Office. Sceptics ignore that nearly every university climatologist in the UK supports the conclusions of the Met Office and regards its scientific investigations as sound.

This anti-scientist mindset here appears to be shared by the Canadian Government.  Certain Federal Conservatives consider that the Government scientists are also biased towards global warming theory. So to limit the influence of this “bias” on public opinion the Government cut back financing for environmental projects and limited the access of scientists to the media.

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Propaganda and Advertizing

For some time now we have noticed advertizing on CBC Nightly Television News sponsored by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. Naturally these ads don’t make any mention of the issue that concerns us the most: climate change. How do these ads effect opinions of Canadian voters about the tar sands? We have always assumed that many … Read more

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