Divestment – where do the Churches stand today?

The Federal budget released yesterday (March 23)  included a very minor change to provisions of the Income Tax Act that allowed companies to fully deduct exploration expenses (seismic testing, exploratory drilling etc.) from revenue in the year in which these expenses were occurred.  Now these expenses can only  be deducted over time – unless the … Read more

The Papal Encyclical: Justice between the Generations

Martin Royackers S.J. was a Canadian serving as a parish priest in Jamaica.  He worked for the poor and fought for recognition of their rights.  He was murdered 15 years ago.  No criminal charges have been brought, as his killers have never been satisfactorily identified. In recognition of his life and sacrifice, a series of … Read more

Why some Canadians don’t worry about Climate Change

4RG has on several occasions pointed out that public attitudes towards climate change are different as between Europe and North America. Standard & Poors is a credit agency that assesses the financial stability of governments, banks, corporations, insurers etc.   A recent report from S & P on Sovereign Risk throws some light why there should … Read more

Two “Canadians” in Texas

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is one of the front runners for the nomination as the Republican Presidential candidate.  Cruz was born in Canada so he has to meet the (unfounded) criticism that his birthplace raises an issue that might disqualify him from being President of the United States, even if elected. Cruz is a sceptic … Read more

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