A Summary of what happened at COP 19.

A short day-by-day summary of COP19 from the perspective of environmental groups as reported by Climate Mosaic.  Click on the links to find out more.

Day 1 – The commitment of the Philippine delegate to fast during the talks at COP19 . . . to dramatize the need to have concrete results from this Conference.

Day 2 –Poland’s decision to host the Coal and Climate Summit at the same time as COP19 is criticized.  Coal contributes more GHG emissions than any other fossil fuel.

Day 3 – Contrary to the views of certain climate change sceptics, adaptation is not a sufficient policy. Steps must be taken to mitigate CO2 emissions NOW!   A preview of the anticipated Adaptation Report that will be delivered by the IPCC Scientific Commission next near.

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Fracking=Nerve Wracking

There are divisions within the renewable energy camp that may prove to be irreconcilable.  The best known is the disagreement over the role of nuclear energy. There are effective advocates for continued use of nuclear energy, such as George Monbiot and James Lovelock. Critics of nuclear energy are just as effective, referring to issues such as the large costs of instalation, collateral security risks and problems of disposal of spent uranium.

So it is with fracking, a process that extracts natural gas from reserves that cannot be exploited by conventional drilling methods.

Environmentalists in favour of fracking, such as Lovelock, refer to the world’s continuing need for fossil fuels to generate electricity.  GHG emissions from natural gas are well below emissions from coal and conventional oil.  So fracking, which has greatly increased the supply of natural gas, enables the US to reduce its GHG emissions by phasing out use of coal in the production of electricity.

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Fukushima remembered: a personal experience

On March 12, 2011, I was teaching English in Sendai, Miyagi, a small city on the north-east coast of Japan, relatively close to Fukushima. After the tsunami hit the Fukushima nuclear power station, we lost all power, the only time it happened in my 9 years in Japan. It wasn’t until quite later that we … Read more

Thoughts on Fukushima

Dear children and grandchildren: Our democratically elected governments of USA, UK and France etc have to protect democracy fought a war with Fascist Hitler, Italy and Japan etc but in the process lost sight of damage they have done by using nuclear weapons to our environment that can not be repaired easily. I doubt if … Read more

Human Error!

Do you remember the Shen Neng 1? The Chinese bulk carrier that  in April 2010 steamed into the Great Barrier Reef off the East Coast of Australia and destroyed many acres of coral?   You can go to this FOG link to read more about this unfortunate accident. The Australian Government immediately convened a Board of … Read more

The Perversity of Chance and Nuclear Power

Three illustrations, one each from Greek mythology, 20th Century history and this year’s headlines Myth To avoid the predictions of fortune tellers that he would die in battle, the mother of the Greek Hero Achilles dipped her new born child in the waters of the River Styx, which assured his invulnerability.  To prevent him being … Read more

The Green Dilemma!

Regular vistors to ForOurGrandchildren will have read several blog postings on the “fallout from Fukushima” –how the disaster at the nuclear plant there has dealt a heavy blow to the use of nuclear power plants and the construction of new ones.  The motif in these postings was that many green writers/scientists consider that nuclear power … Read more

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