Our Choice – the Unavoidable or the Inescapable II

You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs. That is the situation in which Canada now finds itself.  To live up to our  commitments in the Paris Accord, our governments have to spend money, have to finance third world countries that do not have the money they need, and cut down on emissions  from industries … Read more

A Death Wish???

Four years ago 4RG and other climate change NGOs sponsored “Sleepwalking to Catastrophe”, a Climate Change Forum.  Alanna Mitchell, the author of “Sea Sick”, was one of the panellists. She told us that the great coral reefs of the world were facing extinction. Alanna’s message was dramatic, but factual: Global Warming was the culprit. The world … Read more

Climate Change Refugees (1st of two comments)

Last year approximately one million refugees fleeing from the civil war in Syria sought asylum somewhere in the world.  The largest group of refugees risked their lives travelling to Europe.  Many perished en route when the small, overloaded boats taking them to Greece sank or capsized. Everyone has seen the pictures of the grief of … Read more

Sea Level Rise – An Updated Explanation

What is causing sea levels to rise? As the water in the oceans warms along with the earth it expands and sea level rises. More important, as the earth warms, glacial ice melts, water flows into the ocean, and sea level rises. The especially large bodies of ice in Antarctica and Greenland account for nearly half of … Read more

Can Alka-Seltzer Save the Oceans?

We all know about the heat trapping effect of atmospheric CO2 on the surface temperature of the earth. What is less known is that up to half of the CO2 emitted by burning fossil fuels has been dissolved in the ocean. Less global warming sounds good, doesn’t it. Well, no it isn’t good for the oceans. … Read more

Climate Change and Risk Management for International Transport

The UN Commission on Trade and Development and the UN Economic Commission for Europe recently circulated a study on climate change (the ECE study) that in its opening paragraphs makes this emphatic statement: “Compelling scientific evidence and a better understanding of the potential economic impacts of climate change have moved the issue to the forefront … Read more

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