Show Up for the Ontario Climate Change Plan

OK, here we go, the Ontario Government is asking for our input so that they can create a made in Ontario climate change action plan. The deadline is November 16th. I expect that you are thinking, as I am, that it won’t make any difference, and that’s sort of right. It probably doesn’t matter what …

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The Phoenix has crashed and burned!

Two years ago, Michael Brown, then the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, supported a revenue neutral tax on carbon.  As of last October, the Tory  platform promised to end the Liberals’ cap-and-trade program by July 1, 2019.  In its place the party would opt in to federal carbon pricing bench marks and return …

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Lima COP 20: Conclusion

A much earlier 4RG blog raised the question that Canadians should be asking themselves:  is my country honest?  When our Goverment representatives speak at the Conference of the Parties are they being candid?  Or do they evade issues, knowing that what they should say is inconsistent with the image they wish to present? Our Minister …

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A Common Front for the Common Good

Delegates to the 2013 Energy and Mines Ministers Conference in Whitehorse   visited a large wind-turbine installation that would significantly reduce GHG emissions from an operating mine.  Yet the Official Press Release for the Conference said nothing about the great potential of renewable energy in the Northern Territories. This Press Release summarized the consensus reached at …

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Tough Criticism of the Ontario Liberals!

A flurry of criticism over executive salaries paid by the Ontario Power Generation Corporation generated leading paragraphs in a recent Globe and Mail editorial. Yet, as the editorial pointed out, these payments were not the main reason why the Province’s electricity prices are now among the highest in North America, and going much higher.

The editorial correctly identifies the biggest contributor to the cost of electricity to consumers and businesses: the Ontario Green Energy Plan that requires increased investment in wind and solar generation of power.

Canadians have enjoyed cheap prices for their energy.  Our country is blessed by abundant sources of hydro power.  Our gas prices have always been considerably less than in Europe.  So Canadian electors have proved to be reluctant to accept the high costs attached to the transformation of the generation of electricity from fossil fuels to renewables.

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