The need for a Canada-wide strategy on renewable energy

This spring many of our neighbours signed a petition requesting the Ontario Legislature to

“. . . ask the Government of Ontario to submit the subject of a national policy on renewable energy for consideration at the August 2013 EMMC Conference (the Energy and Mines Minister’s Conference) and exercise leadership in developing this policy in conjunction with the Government of Canada and other Provinces and the Territories, and report to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario after this Conference on steps to be taken to develop a policy for Renewable Energy in Canada.”

Naturally we communicated our intention before we set about knocking on doors to collect signatures.

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Ontario Leadership Required!

On May 6th last, the Ontario Government released a new policy for renewable energy. The new policy gives municipalities more control over the location of new large renewable energy projects. This change is a response to public criticism of the Government’s failure to consult with respect to the location of large gas-fired generating plants and placing of wind turbines.   While the new policy is politically necessary, it is administratively cumbersome. By way of contrast, a recent Report of the Ontario Distribution Sector Review Panel recommended consolidating the province’s local distribution companies (your municipal hydro company), which will encourage the development of “smart grids” that efficiently deliver electricity at a lower cost.

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