Nobel Prize Winner supports a price on carbon. Ford doesn’t!

As one of his first steps after taking office, Premier Ford announced his intent to repeal the provisions of Cap and Trade, the vehicle for the reduction of GHG emissions in Ontario. This program had been in effect for almost two years, and was starting to show results. Ford treated the vote in the Provincial Election … Read more

Have Your Say on Cap and Trade

The legal challenge regarding cancellation of Ontario’s Cap and Trade program has made the Ontario government realize that they have to follow the environmental bill of rights process which requires public consultation. The deadline for comments is October 11, so submit your comments at this link now before you forget. Here are some suggested comments, but of course … Read more

Ontario marks time!

Ontario is pausing efforts to reduce GHG emissions, the key to limiting climate change.  Since its election Ontario’s new Conservative Government has: Abolished the “cap and trade” infrastructure that will reduce GHG emissions in time to meet Ontario’s reduction targets Promised to replace “cap and trade” “by a series of measures, including regulations, .  . … Read more

Thank Doug Ford for more Ticks and Lyme Disease

As the climate warms with more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, diseases such as lyme disease (carried by deer ticks) and West Nile Virus (from mosquitoes) have entered Canada from the United States, so everything we do to reduce greenhouses gases reduces the increase in such diseases. Across Ontario, about 20% of greenhouse gases come … Read more

First days of a Government whose policy on climate change is negative!

The new Ontario Conservative Government cannot ignore the environment, but it probably wishes that climate change was not such a high-profile item. The Government has already acted to reduce voter scrutiny of its performance on climate change issues. It dropped the words “Climate Change” from the title of the Ministry responsbile for the environment. The Government … Read more

Ontario Tories have no program to reduce carbon emissions! 

Traffic on city backdrop

Right after his election as leader of the Provincial Party, Doug Ford told Ontario voters that, if elected, the Tories will get rid of the cap and trade program aimed at reducing carbon emissions.  And he would will not allow a carbon tax in its place. Ford can advance two reasons for his determination to … Read more