Traffic on city backdrop

We can reduce our personal greenhouse gases

This article appeared recently in the Peterborough Examiner. It points out that as individuals, our primary influence is over the almost 70 per cent of greenhouse gases that come from just residential heating and transportation, mostly automotive. It gives many suggestions how we, as individuals, can reduce these emissions by our own actions. Some of … Read more

Notes from the Postcard Underground

A few weeks ago Anthony Ketchum, one of the For Our Grandchildren founders, received a handful of mysterious postcards in the mail. The postmarks that I can read indicate that they come from around the USA, and were sent at the beginning of May. They express words of encouragement and thanks written very neatly and signed … Read more

Why I joined For Our Grandchildren!

I grew up in the forties, when pleasures were much simpler.  Aged 7 & 9, my sister and I would walk several blocks to the library, or to the skating rink on weekends. We even ventured across the Bloor Viaduct to the Museum. We tobogganed in the Don Valley before the DVP was built, and … Read more

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