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A Toronto environmentalist, Peter Shepherd, noted that information on the Environment Canada Website had disappeared.  So last May he wrote to Peter Kent, the previous Federal Minister of the Environment, asking why Environment Canada had removed a series of Climate Trends and Variations Bulletin from its Website. At the time of his letter the 2012 … Read more

Tar Sands Toxic (?) water spill!

Tar Sands Toxic (?) water spill! We have previously referred to Panel sponsored by the Walter Gordon Foundation at which Scott Vaughn, the former Climate Change Commissioner, and David Manning, the Representative of the Alberta Government in Washington, spoke.  On many topics their views diverged, but on one topic they agreed. The Federal and Alberta … Read more

Disappearance of a Canadian Institution: Part 2

Here is the story so far: the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NTREE ) made arrangements to transfer its 25 years of records to Sustainable Prosperity, a national research network based in the University of Ottawa, which would make them available on the Web.  Peter Kent, Canada’s Minister for Environment, countermanded … Read more

Proud of What?

Alison Redford, the Premier of Alberta, has just returned from her Washington visit where she lobbied US politicians and administrators to approve the Keystone Pipeline. She also wrote a column for USA Today  under the caption: Keystone is responsible oil sands development.  In her column she stated:

“I’m proud to say Alberta applauds and shares the President’s strong desire to address climate change and we’re already taking action.”

She used “proud” in connection with Alberta’s record.  Go to the on line version of her comments and see if proud is a word you would have used.

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The Harper Government is “on message”.

Our last blog, Adapting to Climate Change, noted comments in a recent Press Release (February 15, 2013)  by Peter Kent, Minister of the Environment, emphasizing “adaptation” and “sustainability”.   According to the Environment Canada’s website, Kent’s two key points were:

Canada has begun to decouple greenhouse gas emissions from economic growth.

Even though the economy grew by 6.3% between 2005 and 2010, greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 48 megatonnes or 6.5% in that same period.

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Greenpeace Canada blows a whistle!

We have reported on the fate of our December 17th 2011 petition on Renewable Energy.  The title to our blog says it all:  Feds short change Renewable Energy. We were a little chagrined that the response from Joe Oliver, The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, was so short on substance.  Although we assumed that … Read more

Kent is proud of Canada’s performance at Doha!

Peter Kent, our Minister of the Environment, used the word “proud” three times in his address to the Doha delegates. First he said that he was “proud to be here representing Canada in these important negotiations towards a new, more effective, international climate change agreement.” How’s that again? The world knows that Canada was the … Read more

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