Stay the Course!!

Today’s (March 8) Globe and Mail Headline in the Business Section reads: “Ottawa to stay course on climate: minister.”  Ironically, Canada’s actual climate course is not sufficient to meet its long term commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Less than a year ago Canada signed the Paris Accord, accepting its targets for reduced emissions. For … Read more

Peeking behind the polls!

Our last blog referred  to recent Ipsos Reid public opinion polls more favourable to the Federal Conservatives. In these comments we look at general factors that may have influenced these results. For some years now both the Federal Government, the Conservative Party and the fossil fuel industry advertisements boosted the image of Canada as an energy superpower. … Read more

A book that may change everything

This Changes Everything:  Capitalism v. the Climate is a book which we all need to read at least once. Read it I implore you! The book is an intimate chat with Naomi Klein discussing virtually every aspect of climate change/disruption, but first, a quote from Journey of the Universe by Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker: … Read more