Stop Producing Fossil Fuels!! Is it possible?

The yearly Conference of the Parties to the Kyoto Convention on Climate Change (COP) aims to limit and eventually eliminate greenhouse gases released from the burning of fossil fuels. These Conferences have not considered the possibility of tackling the problem at its source – the production of fossil fuels. This is the way forward proposed … Read more

Our Federal Government:  Wayne Gretsky in reverse

Most Canadians know Number 99’s famous one-liner: “I SKATE TO WHERE THE PUCK IS GOING TO BE, NOT WHERE IT HAS BEEN!” Why quote our famous Wayne in a climate change blog?  To emphasize the wrong-headedness of our Federal Government that is doing everything it can to increase and market Canada’s production of fossil fuels.  … Read more

A ray of hope from China?

China gets 75% of its electricity from generating stations driven by coal. The resulting air-borne pollution threatens the health of residents in large Chinese cities.  On the worst days, these residents breathe not air but smog, smog that contains levels of toxic gases and particulates far beyond well-established limits.

The Chinese Government recognizes that poor air quality is causing a public health crisis.  This recognition drives China’s policy of fast-tracking development of renewable energy – more so than the need for lower carbon emissions or energy security.

China is taking forceful measures to mitigate air-borne pollution, measures that will also reduce CO2 emissions.  For example, Beijing, one of China’s more seriously affected cities, announced new laws to cut emissions from vehicles.  Here are some of the provisions:

  • new car registration will be reduced by 37.5%;
  • of these new registrations 40% must be new energy vehicles;
  • total number of vehicles licenced for Beijing will not exceed 6 million,

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No misunderstanding in the U.S.

So analogies aside, is carbon dioxide a pollutant?  President Obama clearly thought so. In his Earth Day proclamation he stated:

“We cannot afford to ignore what the overwhelming judgment of science tells us: that climate change is real and that it poses an urgent threat to our people and our planet. That is why my Administration set historic fuel efficiency standards that will nearly double how far our cars go on a gallon of gas while reducing harmful carbon pollution.  …

“Today, America is sending less carbon pollution into the environment than we have in nearly 20 years. But we owe it to our children to do more. That is why I have called on the Congress to pursue a bipartisan, market-based solution to climate change. In the meantime, I will direct my Cabinet to come up with executive actions to reduce pollution”.”

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“Hidden Stressors” in our daily life!

After lead was removed from gasoline, violent crime rates dropped dramatically. The link between violent behaviour in adult life and blood lead levels during infancy has now been definitely proven; lead is acknowledged as a “hidden stressor”. Towards the end of the last century, a level for atmospheric lead was set in the belief that … Read more

A Canadian history lesson!

In 1993 Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell called an election, running on a platform of new leadership and deficit reduction. She honestly but incautiously admitted that she did not foresee any fall in Canada’s unemployment rate for 4 years. Sensing an opportunity, the Liberal Leader, Jean Chretien, immediately adopted the campaign slogan of “Jobs! Jobs!  … Read more

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