A summary: Climate Change, Election Spending and Propaganda.

United States 2012 Presidential Election In the US Presidential Election  Republicans and Democrats and outside parties (called Super PACs) spent billions of dollars to woo the support of voters.  Now that the results are known, two questions arise:  did this advertizing decide the result?  And – if not – did this advertizing have any influence on … Read more

Obama v. Romney

In Nobody’s Speaking – Nobody’s Listening we noted that issues about climate change had not surfaced in the US Presidential election campaign.  We concluded that: “One can only hope that the climate change pendulum will soon swing in the other direction. Unfortunately that will only happen if the years 2012 to 2016 produce one weather … Read more

Shaping US Public Opinion on Climate Change

Who are the opinion makers on climate change?  In the US, it is the meteorologists, or TV weathermen, followed by politicians. Faith in meteorologists has increased since the days when the public considered weather forecasting was intelligent guesswork.  With this greater faith comes a disposition by viewers to accept what TV weathermen say about climate … Read more

Advice to US politicians: Don’t eat Arugala!

Economists tell us that a market price that truly reflects the costs of energy is the best way of making people economize in their use of electricity from fossil-fuel fired plants.   Yet a promise to lower the cost of electricity helped Andrea Horvath, the leader of the Provincial NDP party, do so well in the … Read more

Quote from Reinhold Niebuhr

As a bonus feature this month, below is a quote from American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr.  Niebur is best known for relating Christian teachings to the realities of modern political issues, and is one of the favourite philosophers of U.S. President Barack Obama. Nothing worth doing is completed in our lifetime, Therefore, we are saved by hope. Nothing true … Read more

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