Strong! Proud! Free!

Have you noticed how frequently these words appeared in Federal Government TV advertisements over the last three years?    Did you ever get curious why these words were used?  For example, in connection with Government policy on the development of the tar sands to create jobs? Well, unless you are around in 20 years time you … Read more

Canada’s climate target is a smokescreen (Holz)

Environment Canada’s climate change page starts with a sentence so misleading that it is laughable: “ The Government of Canada supports an aggressive approach to climate change . ..” We have already commented on the half-hearted efforts  to reduce greenhouse gases put forward by Canada in its INDC submission to the UN.  Christian Holz comments … Read more

Kill the Messengers!

Kill the Messengers  is an invaluable, thoroughly researched book written by Marc Bourrie, an expert on censorship and an award-winning  journalist with decades of exposure to politics and our parliamentary system. He documents the erosion of the values and trust so many of us take for granted in Canada in our democracy. Bourrie illustrates the astonishing … Read more

Who believes in Canada’s leadership on climate change?

“Leadership” is one of the buzz words in Canadian Government communications on the subject of climate change.  Over the years Government communications officers who wrote (or reviewed) press releases or letters written ostensibly by ministers responding to voters became quite attached to the word. The word re-assured citizens that all was well with Government policy.  … Read more

Truth in Advertizing?

A few days ago our blog, A half-truth? or A suppressed truth?, questioned the accuracy of statements made by Canadian politicans. Government ministers have claimed that environmental issues relating to the exploitation of the tar sands and particularly the construction of pipelines to carry its bitumen to market would be determined by “science”, and not politics.

Our blog concluded:

“The reality is that pipeline decision is based on politics, the politics of perceived economic and regional interests. A political strategy that ignores science!”

In an article by Eric Reguly in Saturday’s Globe & Mail (May 12th), entitled “Canada’s $207,000 oil sands ad: Putting a price on deception” refers to an extreme example of just how far the “politics” of the Canadian Government will go. His article is a must read.

Read more

A summary: Climate Change, Election Spending and Propaganda.

United States 2012 Presidential Election In the US Presidential Election  Republicans and Democrats and outside parties (called Super PACs) spent billions of dollars to woo the support of voters.  Now that the results are known, two questions arise:  did this advertizing decide the result?  And – if not – did this advertizing have any influence on … Read more

Propaganda and Advertizing

For some time now we have noticed advertizing on CBC Nightly Television News sponsored by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. Naturally these ads don’t make any mention of the issue that concerns us the most: climate change. How do these ads effect opinions of Canadian voters about the tar sands? We have always assumed that many … Read more

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