Voters who ignore newspaper commentary?

Do Climate Deniers /Conservative Party supporters read newspapers?  Do they regard climate change news as “Fake news”?  or would they rather forget about the subject altogether!? The Globe & Mail Energy reporter, Shawn McCarthy, wrote a column about Climate Change in this Saturday’s edition under the headline “Taking stock after a summer of fire, heat … Read more

Shifts in Canadian public opinion on Climate change!

We sent this letter to Andrew Scheer, Leader of the Federal Conservatives   Dear Mr. Scheer, A recent poll by Abacus Data strongly suggests that Canadians are becoming more aware of the risks presented by climate change. Eighty-five per cent of those responding recognized that not taking action would lead to consequences between severe and catastrophic. The … Read more

Taking the Politics out of Climate Change??

The columns of Margaret Wente are a gauge of the public recognition of climate change. Based on her commentary in the Globe (June 2011), 4RG concluded that she was a climate change denier. In December 2011 of another column demonstrated her denier status as she approved the decision by the Harper Government to ditch the … Read more

Politicians out of touch with citizens

Politicians are more conservative than voters in the US on doing something about climate change. That’s what the contemporary issue  of the respected Bulletin of Atomic Scientists reports on the basis of recent research by David Broockman and Christopher Skovron. (May that also be true in Canada?) Why so? Politicians are not good at estimating … Read more

Educate for the Future!

Climate Change, brought about by global warming, is an international problem requiring national action by every country in the world. Every country burns fossil fuels that emit CO2 (carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere, causing a build up of CO2 over centuries. It is this slow but continuing increase in CO2 that has resulted in global … Read more

Why some Canadians don’t worry about Climate Change

4RG has on several occasions pointed out that public attitudes towards climate change are different as between Europe and North America. Standard & Poors is a credit agency that assesses the financial stability of governments, banks, corporations, insurers etc.   A recent report from S & P on Sovereign Risk throws some light why there should … Read more

High School Students: Are you thinking about your future?

If you are, you are probably wondering how the effects of climate change will impact your life.  And – this is the most important question – what can you do to minimize these effects? High school students across Canada deserve a chance to make their voices heard.  That is why For Our Grandchildren is sponsoring … Read more

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